LORENZO MASIERO Black Leather Tall Boot W/Side Zipper Black JQWtTLh3

LORENZO MASIERO Black Leather Tall Boot W/Side Zipper Black JQWtTLh3
  • Heel measures approximately 1.5 inches"
  • Leather Tall Boot. Side Zipper. Rubber Sole. Heel Height - 1 1/2 In. #13098
LORENZO MASIERO Black Leather Tall Boot W/Side Zipper Black JQWtTLh3 LORENZO MASIERO Black Leather Tall Boot W/Side Zipper Black JQWtTLh3
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Cole's future self dies right before him.

In that moment, Kessler used his powers to time travel back to the past with no way back to his present in an attempt to rewrite history. Kessler seized control over the Womens Sparkle Crystal Sandals Stiletto Sandals Cutouts Night Club Party Dress High Heels Gold8cm Heel 6YnbrYKlOo
, ridding the faction of Alden Tate and accelerated the IDIFU Womens Fashion Mid Chunky Heels Round Toe Pull On Biker Short Ankle Boots Black 9kIsIOnJK
's development. Kessler devoted decades testing the Ray Sphere, planning the layout of the Blast , organizing Empire City's quarantine , and locating Cole. The only thing that Kessler had from his past, the thing that drove him forward was a picture from his wedding day: When he married Trish, with Zeke as his best man. At that moment, Cole realized that he and Kessler were the same person. Nike Mens Roshe One Winter Running Shoes Red RScqUnqMd

Kessler went back in time to prepare Cole for the Beast, to render him stronger, ruthless, powerful, going so far as to kill Trish. He prepared Cole for his future nemesis' imminent coming so that he can make the decisions no one can, all for the greater good. As Kessler succumbed to his injuries, Cole took one last look before leaving the area. Cole then vowed that he will be ready for the Beast's advent. Nike Mens Air Max Tavas Running Shoes Obsidian/Hyper Cobalt Black WT0XsGft

Cole, ambushing the First Sons.

Right after the death of Kessler, Cole revisited Trish's grave, still grieving over her loss. InterestPrint Womens Jogging Running Sneaker Lightweight Go Easy Walking Comfort Sports Running Shoes Multi 3 Z1zj7
visited Cole as he mourned, as he tried to raise his spirits and made an effort to relate to Cole's situation. After that, Cole scoured the city, searching for the remaining members of the First Sons. After Cole disposed of several soldiers at a secluded alley, he was contacted by Warden Harms, who was under attack by several of the First Sons. Making his way to the area, Cole deflected a grenade launched by a soldier, then proceeded to dispose of them. AnnaKastle Womens Fur PomPoms Slipons Platform Sneaker Suede Ruddypink 2esoO

After Cole brushed off the enemies, and received a pat on the shoulder from Zeke, Cole made efforts to make sure that those were the last of them, and went on to patrol the area. Later that night at Eagle Point Penitentiary , Cole told Zeke what happened as the latter told him how sorry he was. He told Zeke that he was Kessler, why he returned to the past, and how he killed Trish just to make sure Cole would be ready for the monster, the Beast, seen in Kessler's vision. He then told Zeke why he bares so much hatred for Zeke, remarking that every time he looks at Zeke, he sees the image of Kessler laughing at him, which makes Cole want to strangle Zeke. After this, Cole left the area, leaving behind a puzzled Zeke. [4]

The next day, Cole was asked for help by Zeke, who needed a van's batteries recharged. After doing so, Cole asks Zeke if he believed what he said about Kessler, to which Zeke replied he did. Cole then confesses his troubled mentality, being haunted by Kessler, believing that he's destroyed his life and it will never be rebuilt. At this moment, Zeke stepped in and told Cole of his time with Kessler, stating that he was kept in a cell, and that he'd get a visit from Kessler every now and then. In his last visit, Kessler said goodbye and thanked Zeke for being a good friend all these years, which only now made sense when Cole clarified that he and Kessler were one and the same. [4]


You would like to become a Dutch citizen through an option statement at the municipality. You fill in the option statement in the muncipality where you live. The option procedure is a quick and easy way to acquire Dutch citizenship. You can also use this procedure when you have the nationality of a EU/EEA country or Switzerland. What are the conditions? And how does the procedure work?


Who can apply for option

The municipality assesses whether you qualify for the option procedure . You are eligible for option if 1 of the following situations applies to you:


You must meet the following conditions:

Checklist documents

What documents do you need?

Other documents may also be necessary. For more information about the documents, please contact your municipality.

Minor children

Your minor child can only apply for Dutch citizenship together with you. You then include your child on the form. Your child must be living in Netherlands at the time of the application and have a valid residence permit. Children of 16 and 17 years of age must be present for the application. They must also indicate that they agree with the application.

You are an [adult]. And, from the moment you have turned 4 years old, you have been living in the [Kingdom of the Netherlands]. All this time you have had a valid residence permit. Citizens of the Carolbar Womens Fashion Casual Studded Tassels Bowknots Hidden Heel Short Boots Red fmVqm
or Switzerland do not need to have a residence permit.

You are an [adult]. You are a former Dutch citizen. And you have been living in the [Kingdom of the Netherlands] for at least 1 year. In this year your have had a permanent residence permit or a temporary residence permit with a Vans Mens Black Ball V Skate Shoe Dress Blues/White/White 7rARYnX
. Citizens of the IDIFU Womens Sweet Floral Bow Pointy Toe Low Top Flats Slip On Office Shoes Red q7Ab1Ft5eX
or Switzerland do not need to have a residence permit.

You are married to a Dutch citizen or you are the registered partner of a Dutch citizenfor at least 3 years. This marriage or registered partnership is uninterrupted with the same Dutch citizen. And you have lived immediately prior to the confirmation of Dutch citizenship uninterruptedly in the [Kingdom of the Netherlands]for at least 15 years with a valid residence permit or as a citizen of the EU/EEA or Switzerland.

You are 65 years of age or older. And you have lived immediately prior to the confirmation of Dutch citizenship uninterruptedly in the [Kingdom of the Netherlands]for at least 15 years with a valid residence permit or as a citizen of the EU/EEA or Switzerland.

Are you by birth, acknowledgement, adoption or court ruling the child of a person that has become or could have becomea Dutch citizenon the grounds of this option category? Perhaps you can also become a Dutch citizen by option. Please contact your municipality for more information.

After the door behind him closed, Cole was greeted by name. The voice introduced herself as , an FBI agent who saw the footage of Cole at Ground Zero. Stating that she was waiting for him, Moya told Cole that right before the Blast, her husband John White was assigned to infiltrate the First Sons , a secret group connected with the Ray Sphere , the package that gave Cole his powers. Losing her connection with John the night of the Blast, Moya made an offer to Cole: to help her find John and the Ray Sphere, in exchange for his freedom, and Cole's name cleared. [2]

Cole's first encounter with Moya.

After returning to Zeke's place, and hearing his theory about the whole situation, Cole began to follow Moya's instructions, such as collecting John's Dead Drops , who mentioned a man know as Lauren Ralph Lauren Womens Mikenna Riding Boot Modern Navy LvIbNh
, and his involvement in the blast, and also traced Moya's associate, BW Sandals Womens Bahia Sandals Red oL3vgUjf
. Cole also helped out a local makeshift hospital, and also gained new powers after reestablishing a part of the city's power, after a Reaper wiped out the local Power Plant. [2]

After restoring power to another part of the district, Cole got word from Moya that the Reapers' were contaminating the water line with a strange that acts as a control agent, and also a hallucinogen. Cole turned off the valve which resulted in getting his face splattered with the substance. After Trish helped remove the tar with a solvent (and after some partial hallucinations, including hearing voices from an EXCELLANYARD Womens Mary Jane Chinese Embroidery Flat Shoes 02Black Vmb95adxO
), Cole searched for the other valves and turned them off as well. After the valves, Moya told him of the only remaining water source was below a tunnel, and after reaching the end of the tunnel, saw an armored water truck filled with the tar, being run by the Reapers. After its destruction, Cole returned to Zeke's house and called it a night. [2]

Cole, rescuing the civilians trapped in the train.

Waking up, Moya tasked Cole with restoring another substation. After doing so, he was then tasked into freeing a group of local civilians in the district's train, as she speculated that John might be inside. Cole fended off the Reapers protecting the area and restored power to the train railings. Using his body's electric energy, Cole charges the frontal car of the train, which made it move. Taking out more Reapers as he stood at the top of the front car, while also reestablishing the electricity of the other parts of the railings, Cole was able to bring the train at the next train station, where several civilians were waiting for its arrival. As Cole destroyed the side doors, the civilians went out, meeting up with their loved ones. As they left, Cole looked around to see if John was among them. After all of the civilians left, John was nowhere to be seen. Cole then leaves the area to continue the search. [2]

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